Anonymous said: Please ask fernando to kindly stop it. This has gotten out of control!

you mean how good he looks, I assume.  I agree :)

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Fernando Torres during his A.C. Milan presentation - 02.09.2014 

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I’m so happy to be here. I’m looking forward to meeting the manager, the fans, my new teammates… and I’m really looking forward to this new adventure. I spoke to Inzaghi briefly when I first got here. I’m extremely happy to be able to work with a manager like him. He’s one of the greatest strikers of all time and he certainly knows what a striker’s job is.”
"It’s a great privilege and a great honor to be able to be part of a club like Milan, and I’ll do my best and to help the club as much as I can, and to have a great season. I’m not expecting a quiet season. There will be great expectations, we’ll be fighting to get into the Champions league (next season), and why not? To finish at the top. We’re expecting great things, or that’s what I’d like to think. - Fernando Torres (x)

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